Passion. Creativity. Dedication. Energy. Positivity. Attitude. Skills. Knowledge.

MCMM is an architecture and interior design studio based in Cambridgeshire UK operating worldwide. MCMM was founded by Margherita Cesca to utilise her passion, ability, large connections and skills in delivering professional and committed services. The studio has been established in 2011 with the goal of providing creative, exciting and imaginative new spaces through ITALIAN design and BRITISH management strategy.
Growing up in Italy, a nation in which culture is infused with originality, design flair and creativity, Margherita’s love for architecture is innate. She is enthusiastic about design and construction methods and is intrigued by new technology, especially innovations relating to sustainability and green products.
MCMM cooperates with a team of professionals and experts bringing a broad range of talents and skills both from England and Italy. MCMM group continuously delivers memorable architecture and interiors. Tempted..?!?! Discover MCMM growing portfolio..